A family day with parental ephemera

Today started like any other side trip day at the beach.

The wife and mother-in-law got it in their heads that we needed to see something else on one of our beach days. We discuss side trips every year, and sometimes I get input.

As they were discussing, my wife…

A poem in lyrics

I love you; I’ll be true
Please don’t leave, stay with me
I love you; I’ll be true
I’ll be yours, forever…

I believed in a dream
Was my mind baked in the sun?
Did that cool, cool breeze
Carry me away

I love you; I’ll be true
Please don’t leave…

Losing time

The world moves so fast these days.

I’ve noticed. Even my own thoughts seem to disappear quicker.

Tonight I wanted to type up something I’d written out in my writing notebook.

It was a stream of consciousness from the week that was.

I opened the laptop up, and it was…

Having an Escape Plan

I know you are feeling it.

We all are

There is a constant, throbbing heartbeat to the modern world that is pounding.


“Checks phone.”

Sorry, that was just my phone telling me my latest picture was synced to the cloud.

Where were we?

Oh right, the waves of…

A moment in time

I remember the day in the receiving department. For the first time ever, one of the employees talked us into listening to the radio instead of listening to the canned radio music that usually plays.

Then the news broke into the music broadcast.

That’s weird, we all thought. …

Do you know the secret?

The concept of “Work-Life Balance”

A quick internet search this evening turned up 680 million results in .62 seconds. I’m not even here today to talk about how 680 million of anything can be found in .62 seconds but that is amazing.

I’ll go with a Wikipedia definition.

“Work-Life Balance is a term commonly used…

A poet disjointed

The inevitability of every day things doesn’t make them any easier.

Somewhere, every day, Moms get cancer.
Somewhere, every day, cancer spreads.
Somewhere, every day, your brother calls to let you know it reached the brain.
Somewhere, every day, you tell yourself you’ll be alright.
Somewhere, every day, you know…

Alone on the Beach

The man heard the waves gently crashing farther away than he remembered. The sand had grown warmer under his feet and felt somehow drier than before.

He must have fallen asleep on the beach this morning as the tide went out.

His eyelids were heavy the way they always were…

The middle of this year

Today has been a more contemplative day than most I’ve had this year. If you’ve been working from home for over a year, you know that your quiet places may no longer be your quiet places.

As with any changing currents or shifting winds, new patterns emerge.

The last two…

An exploration of Cost vs Value


This is Mark.

Today I want to talk about a genuinely personal issue I’m facing. I’m having a fundamental crisis in how I conduct my day-to-day schedule.

My favorite podcast, the one I’ve likely listened to the most of all the podcasts I follow, recently announced that they would…

Mark A. Schrader

Self awareness, #parentalephemera, memoir and poetry.

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